Proposal: Online Advertisement

What do I want to advertise?

Through this online advertisement, I wish to promote dark chocolate products by Lindt, a Swiss chocolatier and confectionery company. Chocolate is the delicious gifts and also one of the most popular sweets; however, people are usually fond of white or milk chocolate while dark chocolate is better for their health than others. Therefore, I intend to advertise dark chocolate (70%, 85% and 90% cocoa) which Lindt produces from the finest cocoa beans.

The narrative of my advertisement

I am going to demonstrate the short process of making Lindt dark chocolate: from the Theobroma cocoa (cocoa tree), cocoa pods, cocoa beans to cocoa liquor and final products: dark chocolate bars. Below is how the story goes:

  1. Where cocoa trees are grown: Earth map painting with typography and graphics of cocoa trees with motion.
  2. earth_map-1600x900
    Image taken from×900.jpg

    2.Harvest: graphics of cocoa pods accompanied with motion of peeling the pods to collect the beans.

  3. Drying the beans under the Sun: image of the Sun and graphics of the beans with animation
    Image taken from

    4. Transport: graphics of packages, image of a truck accompanied with typography and motion

    Image taken from

    5. Burning, roasting, and grinding: images of machine, detailed graphics, typography and animation

    Image taken from from
    Image taken from
    Image taken from

    6.Mixing and pouring in mold: graphics and images of cocoa liquor with motion

    Image taken from
    • 7. Final products: graphics of chocolate bar, images of Lindt logo, image of Roger Federer (the Global Ambassador of Lindt) with motion.
    Image taken from
    Image taken from
    Image taken from
    Image taken from
    Image taken from$yrz2oDZYj9WBLe4q5IsANXMj&V=YoBG&

    This advertisement denotes the promotion of Lindt dark chocolate and the process of making chocolate. That the advertisement connotes that people should eat more dark chocolate than other sweets because it benefits their health is more important.

    At the end of the advertisement, I am going to display Lindt logo with the image of Roger Federer, then the slogan “ The best chocolate for you”.

    The reasons for my selection

    I have selected Lindt because it is one of the best dark chocolate brands (Dark Chocolate: The Best and Worst Brands, n.d.).  Their chocolate is produced from real chocolate beans; moreover, dark chocolate is very good for our health: lowering the risk of heart disease, against oxidation, and improving brain function (Gunnars, n.d.). Therefore, I would like to contribute to the popularity of Lindt dark chocolate by this online advertisement.

    The production of my online advertisement:

    There are some steps in the process of producing chocolate needing machines, so I am going to search for the images of these devices on the Internet and then turn them into paintings by Adobe Photoshop CC 2015, then they can be imported to Adobe Flash. Typography, symbols (graphics, buttons), and animation by Adobe Flash can make the relation to these manipulated images; as a result, I can make my advertisement go smoothly and lively. This is because the harmony of the objects in each scene and in final project in particular in the advertisement is very important. The graphics always include fill and stroke.

    Also, the sound file “Happy Ukulele Background Music for YouTube by Tacomusic” ( ) from Youtube will be imported, edited and added to the advertisement in Adobe Flash.

    The layers in Timeline will be remained for assessment.

    Submission of my advertisement.

    All raw media elements I am going to use to make this advertisement: audio, images, and graphics will be packaged and uploaded to my Dropbox. Final project will be uploaded as .fla file to Dropbox and published as .swf and .html file.

    This proposal, written analysis, weekly reflections, example of work based on theory will also be available in my WordPress blog.

    Dropbox: Vi Doan (email:

    WordPress: 60017708vidoanimm1121d (

    Reference list:

    Gunnars, K. (n.d.). Authority Nutrition. Retrieved from

    Dark chocolate: The best and worst brands (n.d.). Retrieved from

    From cocoa to chocolate (n.d.). Retrieved from:

    Chocolate: From bean to bar (n.d.). Retrieved from


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