Online Advertisement: Update 1

I have taken some images from Internet for my online advertisement and just started the first step of the process.

Here are the images I have been using for my advertisement.

Image taken from
Image taken from
burning ori
Image taken from from
Image taken from×1500/tip-koestliche-zutat-der-veganen-kueche-kakaobutter.jpg
choco bar ori
Image taken from
cocao beans drying
Image taken from
roasting ori
Image taken from
cocoa liquor ori
Image taken from
cocoa pod ori
Image taken from
cocoa pods to beans
Image taken from–Stock-Photo-cocoa-cacao-bean.jpg
Image taken from
earth ori
Image taken from×900.jpg
Image taken from
lindt 85 ori
Image taken from$yrz2oDZYj9WBLe4q5IsANXMj&V=YoBG&
lindt 90 ori
Image taken from
logo ori
Image taken from
roger ori
Image taken from
Image taken from
factory ori
Image taken from :
sun ori
Image taken from
truck ori
Image taken from

Besides the images that I have from the beginning, there are eight pictures that I got from Internet to fulfill the narrative of my advertisement: the short process of producing Lindt dark chocolate.

At first, I wished to create the advertisement for a concert. However, It was impossible to find any images which can support my idea. There are just two videos promoting that concert. Therefore, I changed another possible project: advertising Lindt dark chocolate. I would like to promote dark chocolate because it is very good for our health and better than milk or white chocolate. Also, I am a big fan of Lindt dark chocolate, so I ended up with this idea and started the research for it.

The next step will be photoshop work.


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