Written analysis

The idea of this online advertisement is to promote Lindt dark chocolate with 70%, 85% and 90% cocoa. Through this project, I wish to demonstrate the process of dark chocolate production of Lindt because their products are made from real cocoa beans. Moreover, there is the large amount of research showing that dark chocolate is better for human’s health than milk or white chocolate. For example, dark chocolate may prevent people from the risk of heart disease, oxidation, improve the brain and contribute to the effective diet (Gunnars, n.d.). Also, I am fascinated by Lindt dark chocolate. Therefore, I would like to advertise process of making chocolate from real cocoa beans and encourage people to consume more dark chocolate.

I selected the information of the process of making dark chocolate and gathered the images, which can illustrate the basic steps of the production. To meet the requirements of having more than four visual elements by using Adobe Photoshop, the graphic images in my animation have been drawn in Photoshop and I applied the images I found as the bases.

The narrative of my advertisement s: the process of producing Lindt dark chocolate

  1. The world map and the trees on the map demonstrating the cocoa growing regions in the world, the text: Cocoa growing regions
  2. Cocoa pods harvested from trees and cocoa beans collected, the text: cocoa pod and cocoa beans.
  3. Drying the beans under the Sun, the text: Let it dry
  4. Transporting the beans to factory, the text: To factory
  5. The process of burning, roasting and grinding, the text: Burning, Roasting and grinding
  6. Mixing of cocoa mass with sugar and butter, the text: Mixing.
  7. The final product: chocolate bars in white packs, the text: A bar of dark chocolate, Final products.
  8. The logo of Lindt and my creative slogan “The best chocolate for you”.

    Image taken from http://logos-download.com/9402-lindt-logo-download.html

Firstly, in the process of making this advertisement, all images were manipulated carefully in Adobe Photoshop in order to create a smooth animation. To meet the requirement of more than four visual elements, there are seven graphic images drawn in Photoshop and some of them includes both drawing and elements from source pictures. Then , they may contribute to the animation with the using of motion tween and typography. After the process in Photoshop, these sources were dragged to Adobe Flash. Each layer was created for each image and text and was named following the items in the chocolate making process. Because I created motion tween for most of the objects, it is necessary to make a new layer for each image. In Adobe Flash, I have applied these basic options: transparency, transformation… to make the objects move. Secondly, the advertisement illustrates the sequence of making chocolate; therefore, all layers in Flash were arranged in the order of the process. Along with images and motion, typography plays an important role. I applied texts to provide the information of the process for viewers. Moreover, the lively background sound creates to the effects of encouraging people to consume more dark chocolate.

The demonstration of 3 levels of visual communication can be seen clearly in this advertisement:

The Sign: advertisement of Lindt dark chocolate.

The Signifier: the brief process of Lindt dark chocolate production and the promotion of dark chocolate good for health, which can be, understand through the slogan at the end.

The Signified: the derivation of the materials for Lind chocolate, and some steps in the process of making their dark chocolate, which can confirm that their products are made from real and pure cocoa beans. Therefore, they benefit people’s health.

The final advertisement and this written analysis will be uploaded on Dropbox and my blog:

WordPress: https://60017708blog.wordpress.com/

Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5h2nvn764e0x6uf/AAC2mdkSaLlCgO-TYkznVi2-a?dl=0

Reference list:

Gunnars, K. (n.d.). Authority Nutrition. Retrieved from https://authoritynutrition.com/7-health-benefits-dark-chocolate/

Chocolate: From bean to bar (n.d.). Retrieved from http://cocoafromghana.org/cfg/chocolate-cocoa-bean-bar/



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